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08 MAY 2019


During the opening of the 58th Venice Biennial,

Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen chose the sixth

edition of GLASSTRESS to initiate the birth of

the evolving artwork Human Rights Pavilion. A

work of art that will take shape during its two-year

world tour, visiting almost every continent. In 2021,

Vanmechelen will present his completed OPUS to

the Venice Biennale as an appeal, and possibly as

the foundation for a recurring pavilion dedicated to

international human rights.

Vanmechelen: "Human rights and glass share not only fragility, but also transparency and the flexibility to adapt in a given context."

 At the initiation of the Human Rights Pavilion,

Vanmechelen also presented a new body of work, dedicated to the concept of Human Rights. COLLECTIVE MEMORY consists of Encyclopedias of Human Rights, combined with a book of the DNA sequence of his renowned Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. They carry different glass objects, recurring symbols in the artist’s work, revealing the delicate balance between nature and culture.

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