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The Future of Hope Foundation

Harare - Zimbabwe

5 FEB 2020


The Future of Hope Foundation (TFoHF) is an organization headquartered in Zimbabwe and founded in 2013 by Chido Govera. Its mission is to capacitate, collaborate with, support and mentor vulnerable members of society through entrepreneurial and self-development initiatives. TFoHF is also one of our Open Global Farms with a breeding center of Planetary Community Chickens.


The Power of Communities


Chido Govera ZW - Social entrepreneur
Dr. Frances Lovemore ZW - Director Counselling Services Unit
Revd Dr. Kenneth Mtata ZW - Gen. Secr. Counsel of Churches
Vimbai Mushongera ZW - Trade union (ZCTU) consultant
Dr. Ibbo Mandaza ZW  - Political analyst
Philip Bohwasi ZW - Social worker
Koen Vanmechelen BE - Artist

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