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Crix Cafe, BE

21 JAN 2020


Together with LUMOS, we are planning a cosmocafé in the crix café in Brussels on January 21.  The topic is ‘helping not helping’, focus is on orphanage tourism and volunteering and its associated harms, and on how to equip young people to make ethical choices when looking at travel and volunteering options.

Named after the light-giving spell in the Harry Potter books, Lumos is an international non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded by J.K. Rowling to help the eight million disadvantaged children in orphanages around the world to be returned to their family or placed in a loving family environment.

Crix-Cafe (BXL) is generously opening its doors for this private conversation.


Helping Not Helping


Gabriella Civico  UK -  Director European Volunteer Center 

Peter Dupont BE - Investigative journalist

Els Hertogen BE -  Director 11.11.11

Veronique Lerch FR - International human rights consultant

Carla Miranda  BR - Sec. Gen. Alumni network Global Campus Human Rights

Chloe Setter UK - Head of anti-trafficking, Lumos        

Koen Vanmechelen BE -  Conceptual artist

Jeroen Vincken BE -  Commercial manager, Joker travel

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